What Are Riot Points?

Ever since computer games and gaming consoles started to become increasingly popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s, people have always looked for that edge. Games sometimes allow you to enter cheat codes, or buy promotional codes to unlock hidden areas or characters within the game itself. Sometimes these codes or points are bought to enhance the game experience. Riot points are not codes, but rather points you use to  customize your experience within the game. They have different applications for the popular game League Of Legends.

Riot points are bought in packages for set prices. The game itself is free, but riot points do cost money to obtain. You can buy riot points at the riot store. They have a comprehensive price guide which allows you to see exactly how many points you can get for the money. This is helpful when you’re trying to balance your online gaming budget. Riot points are especially helpful for newer gamers. They allow you to unlock champions as well. Most people use them to buy skins for their champions. Skins change the appearance of champions, and they can also alter sounds and quotes as well.

One great aspect about buying riot points is that you can view your purchase history. This allows you to see what you bought, and it can help you to manage your spending for riot points. It is not uncommon for dedicated online gamers to spend hundreds of dollars on riot points, even though League Of Legends is a free game. This shows the level of dedication exhibited by this devoted following of fans. Smart shoppers wait for riot points to go on sale. These sales happen often, so it is important to check back whenever you can.

So there you have it, you asked ‘What are riot points?‘, we answered.